Coming together as a Region Project 

We are so excited to see you all again at Liberty University in October! The Regional Officers would like to invite your chapter to participate in a regional art project that we will use later at the International Conference.

Our Idea: Every town and city has a story, a landmark, or a “secret spot” that only the locals know about. The Virginia and West Virginia Region chapters come from such diverse places such as our friends from NOVA who live right beside our Nation’s capital, or our Patrick Henry friends who live in a relatively small town; however, the race track brings in tens of thousands of people once a year. There are small towns, big cities, beaches and mountains that make up our beautiful and diverse region and we would like to learn a little more about it.

At our October conference, we would like for you to bring a small item (or image) that represents your chapter’s home town or region. As your Regional Officers, we want to hear from you and share the stage for a bit. We ask that a representative from your chapter explain the symbolism behind the item and share a bit of history. This will be a fun region-wide project so please come prepared.

Some examples include:

  • San Francisco and a toy trolley car 
  • Las Vegas and playing cards 
  • New York and an apple (please do not bring perishable items) 
  • Florida Keys and a small key 
  • Washington DC and a piece a marble 

Be as creative as you would like and try to keep the items small (the size of a deck of cards). We will be displaying them on a map at the upcoming conference and using them to decorate at the International conference in Kansas City! If you have any questions please feel free to email the Regional Officers or Robin Rich- Coates. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

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