Alumni Association Membership Application

Membership Fee for New Members

Paying with Check

Make Check payable to: VAWVRAAPTK
Rosie Robinson, Treasurer
9708 Coleman Lake Road
Ford, Virginia 23850

Membership Annual Fees

To be eligible for membership in the Virginia/West Virginia Region Alumni Association, you must have completed your studies or be in your last semester at a community college, and have been inducted into a campus chapter or Phi Theta Kappa.

If you meet these requirements, and are interested in joining the Virginia/West Virginia Region Alumni Association, please download and complete the Membership Application and mail it, with your initial dues check, to the address on the form. You can also submit your payment via the PayPal link below.

Membership Fees

A person may enter our membership as a new member, as a transfer member, or as a visitor.

Non-members first joining: $30 (membership, pin, certificate)
Multiple association/Transfer members:
$10 (annual fee or $40 for five years)
$25 (annual fee & pin)
$30 (annual fee, pin, and induction and/or certificate...same as non-members first joining) Visitors: No fee (no voting privileges; may not run or hold executive committee position)

*effective 01/01/2010; policy and rates subject to change